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June 16, 2017 Comments Off on Our meal of the week – Cottage Pie

Today I was quite busy so I used some cheat ingredients - frozen veg is less time consuming, and with the beef and vegetable soap bulks the pie out. This amount fed ten generous portions, and I still had enough left over for them all to have it again tomorrow. So a family of five could make one large pie with half of these ingredients and still have enough left for meal for lunch or supper the next day.

Cottage Pie


1kg lean organic steak mince

2.5kg of white potatoes

Three table spoons of english butter

2 splashes of milk

2 cans of low fat beef and veg soap ( no added preservatives )

1.5 pints of gravy

1 large bag of birdseye country veg bag

2 large sprinkles of grated cheese

handful of baby tomaotes

Oven 190C

How To

Peel and wash the potatoes cut into small roast potato sized pieces. boil until soft.drain.

Dice the onion and fry with the mince until brown, and boil the veg to about 2/3 cooked. drain

Add the butter and milk and mash the potatoes

Make the gravy – I usually make lots on a roast dinner day or save the leftovers from a hotpot and freeze it, then get it out 24 hours prior to needing it or you can just make granules.

Put the mince onions and veg in the dish add the soup and the gravy so it is well covered but not vast amounts or the mash will sink.

Spoon the mash on top, you can pipe it to get a professional finish but I can never be bothered I just use a spoon and a knife starting at the sides only small bits at the time or it will sink. I then use a knife to smooth it over and clean the edges.

Place a small hole in the middle. Then use a fork to fluff up the top and sprinkle cheese.

Cut the tomatoes in half and place on the top.

Place on a middle shelf of a pre heated oven on 190C for 25 minutes

The whole meal cost around £ 14.00 which for two meals I think is very good value. I get my older girls to help by peeling the potatoes and the younger children help put the tomatoes on the top and sprinkle the cheese, they seem much more keen to eat the meals I cook when they have helped make it.

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