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May 22, 2017 10 Comments

As my blog is based on my life with my ten children, I thought I would start by sharing a few stories of each of them.
As Sienna’s been the main focus of my weekend after deciding her calling in life was to be a nine year old Nicky Clarke resulting in her giving herself a new look via a very special fringe - Pictures on Instagram for anyone who hasn't yet seen it in all its glory! I thought I would start with her.
In total honesty Sienna has had so many dramas and funny episodes over the years, so I found it tough to choose some examples. ( I've decided to leave the time she got a tic tac stuck up her nose on the way to a wedding and her unhealthy obsession with fire safety for another day!) So here goes my first post.

Sienna was about three the little curly haired little madam started to refuse to wear anything but red clothing. This was no passing phase this lasted nearly a year. Red coat, red shoes, red socks, red hair bands you get the picture, it was a complete and utter nightmare.

I can’t even recall how it started. It had to be red. Any mention of wearing anything else caused her to have a complete meltdown to the point she would head butt the wall ( or any other hard surface ) while screaming blue murder. It was a proper Emily Rose situation. I nicknamed these meltdowns “code red”

I remember like yesterday a code red situation, standing in H &M on a busy Sunday morning trying to bribe Sienna into trying on a new coat, “any new coat” that she desperately needed as her red duffle has started to creep up to her elbows. Sienna however, had other ideas. She was refusing point blank to take off her old coat to try on some new ones. As I continued to debate (plead) with her to “try on one of the bloody coats” I started to sweat and get increasing stressed as Savanah who was just a few months old at the time, started to whinge in her buggy. I became so overwhelmed and frustrated at that moment I wanted to pull my hair out.

When I think back to this memory I really want to shake my twenty three year old self and say “you choose the coat, you have offered a choice, she’s refused them all so just choose one for her, pay and leave before she starts head butting the floor” I didn’t have the experience or the balls that I have now in dealing with three year old stand offs. I was a bit of a pushover back then where toddlers tantrums were concerned.

So I pathetically carried on pleading with her, while she stood frowning at me, her arms folded in a way that clearly stated her position as I pointed out “cool pockets” and “pretty red poker dots” until Savanah decided that she had waited long enough for her cow and gate and started screaming. Sienna observing I was starting to panic and lose my cool, calmly stated “If you get me that coat I wont wear it I will throw it in a puddle” accompanied by a huge smirk. At that moment she knew that she had won and I knew she had won.

We retreated back to the car her skipping along happily with a smug look on her face. I then sat feeding Savanah in the passenger seat while muttering to myself about how crappy my life was and wishing I had just stayed at home.

The red obsession really became just that, an obsession. It became so much of an issue at preschool they made a badge saying “I ONLY WEAR RED APRONS” following an incident with a new member of staff who tried to give her a blue one cue a “code red” situation. From what I can gather from the report that Laura (who was lucky enough to be Siennas key leader at the time) gave me was that after Sienna was offered an apron of the non red variety she had refused to wear it, so the new helper had told her she couldn’t let play in the make and create corner if she didn’t put it on.

This sent Sienna, who was partial to a good make and create session in her red apron over the edge. The staff then looked on dumbfounded, while Sienna aka Emily Rose proceeded to scream “ I DONT WEAR BLUE APRONS” and stomped off to the home corner and started to head butt the toy kitchen, while launching various pieces of plastic food and plates at anyone who dared venture within throwing distance of her. Then when there was nothing left to lob, sat pulling her own hair and stamping her feet while screeching “ I ONLY WEAR RED” until she was sick all over the carpet. Thankfully she eventually grew out of the code red kick offs and now will wear all the colours of rainbow.

The tantrums however are still very much part of our lives where Sienna is concerned. She is our in house drama queen ( along with her sister Macie). Last month is a prime example. She told me she was leaving home as she couldn’t take any more of me “holding her back”. She packed her bag, changed her whats app status to “I am leaving home , I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS ” presumably to inform the three contacts in her phone book who don’t already live with her.

She said her farewells to the dogs and her siblings, then demanded for me to book her a UBER “to leave this stupid green place” ( For those of you who like me are not familiar with UBER it’s a taxi app for the I-Phone so my eldest informs me ).

This episode unfolded because I wouldn’t let her wear a belly top with the slogan SELFIE on it and a pair of high waisted white shorts that belonged to her five year old sister to do the weekly shop at Waitrose.

She backed up the argument by informing me that she once saw a woman wearing a kaftan with a bikini underneath outside New Look and that I was in fact ‘clothes shaming her’ by not letting her chose her own clothes and that ‘Kourtney Kardashian wore white hot pants and she was a mum, therefore what was my problem?’.

When I refused to book her an UBER chariot out of this green place or back down and let her wear her outfit fit for a reality tv star she screamed she shouted and then stomped off down to our horses field shelter in protest. I decided to venture to Waitrose without her, and left my lucky husband in charge of supervising the sitting protest.

I retuned two hours later. As I stood unpacking the shopping I saw Sienna aka Kourtney K marching towards the house ( albeit slightly less paparazzi ready after sitting in a horse field in the middle of country for two hours)  In she came and announced if I stopped being “ so annoying and overbearing” she would stay and “see how things went” she then plonked her herself down on the sofa and asked me if I had recorded Dance Moms. That sums up Sienna full on dramatics then back to normal.

this green place

I think it also reflects how my parenting style has changed over the years. I am a lot more relaxed as I have learned to pick my battles knowing when to let them get on with their strops and when to intervene is something that I have learned over time. I also don’t debate with them over things that need to happen teeth brushing eating a healthy diet etc is just not something I will negotiate with them over. I have come along way from the days of begging a three year old to try on a coat.

I am constantly in new territory with my eldest Macie who is approaching twelve so I am still very much learning on the job. I am in no way a super mum who knows it all. Give me a newborn to look after no problem but, as they grow so does my confusion. Each of my children have such different personalities so its impossible to always know it all, what works with one doesn’t always work for another so with each child I have had I have had to re adapt.

Apart from being a drama queen Sienna is also very funny, if there is a joke or a prank ( usually on me ! ) she is the mastermind behind it all.  She is also a great artist and loves to draws cartoons, she’s caring to her younger siblings, very unique,quirky and a bit geeky and we all love her for it.

So there we are thats Sienna. In a nutshell she’s a very loveable, curly haired, funny, drama queen who likes to draw, dress like a kardashian, protest in field shelters and cut her own hair.

Please let me know what you think of my first post. Im very new to this but welcome feedback good or bad.

Jamie Xx


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  1. Jill Bok

    May 23, 2017

    Absolutely brilliant! You write so honestly and your post makes really enjoyable reading. Obviously Sienna has her mother’s verve and I love your parenting approach. I look forward to reading all your blogs. Well done!

    • The Baby Lady

      May 23, 2017

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback xx

  2. Sarah

    May 23, 2017

    This is amazing!!!! Xxxx

    • The Baby Lady

      May 23, 2017

      Thank you for taking the time to comment xx

  3. Claire

    May 24, 2017

    Hi Jamie, found you on Insta and have been loving your posts. Your first blog post is great, funny and honest, just what I love in a mum blogger. Looking forward to reading all about your life and children, and seeing many more countryside dinners 🙂


    • The Baby Lady

      May 25, 2017

      Hello Claire, I also love your blog -I was having a peep yesterday evening! xx thank you for reading and giving me such a lovely review xx

  4. Jo

    May 24, 2017

    Loved reading this! Very funny and honest. I am still getting to grips with the small people negotiation-situations in my house, I definitely need to take charge a little more! Laughed at the little details like the Whatsapp status update, so funny.

    • The Baby Lady

      May 25, 2017

      Hello Jo – thank you for the lovely review. I also find myself ruled by little people still from time to time lol. I’m glad you enjoyed reading xx

  5. Emma Gruss

    May 27, 2017

    Eating my lunch whilst catching up on your blogs made a perfect saturday afternoon! I bloody Love them xx

    • The Baby Lady

      June 10, 2017

      Thank you x x

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