We love to eat in our house. I try to use home grown or locally sourced vegetables and salad when possible. We generally only eat free range British meat both for health reasons and because we care how animals are reared. Supermarket wise we usually shop at Waitrose and Tesco although we have recently discovered Aldi and I was really impressed in the quality their products.







We are very lucky to have a large open plan country kitchen and family area. This allows me to spend time cooking home cooked meals for us all while keeping an eye on the children, who are usually trying to re stage the hunger games while I’m shouting at them and trying not to burn supper. Despite having a formal living room none of us really use it our kitchen really is the hub of our home we all naturally congregate there together.



Each week I will be adding a family meal to my blog with recipe details. I will try to this on  Saturday afternoons. Most of the meals I cook are very simple  and are as cheap to make as takeaway and pre packaged meals.






Jamie Xx