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Some people have asked for a general day in the life from me so here is a typical Saturday when we are all home together.



My children do not have set jobs but we all help out. Some things vary day to day but I always do at least four loads of washing a day keep the basic household chores upto date and always try to cook proper home cooked dinners and have set bed time structure if not the wheels really fall off and fast.
0530 AM – Woken up by Victor who had me up about four times in the night teething and wanting a bottle. He seems always hungry at the moment – time to start weaning maybe. I put on the first washing of the day.

06 00 AM – Victor back to sleep in his bed after being fed and changed. I debate going back to sleep but the dogs who have been disturbed by me making a bottle are barking and want to go out so I let them out and put some sugar beet on soak for the horses. Very tired zzz

0615 AM – I have a quick coffee and sit in our evening living room with Bill our Boerboel Mastiff and feed him some chicken ( he’s my blatant favourite sshh )  – him and our shar pei have to be kept separate so Bill sleeps there or with Mallie. I then put our Shar Pei back in my bedroom with my still sleeping husband and let Bill out with the other dogs he follows me around while I turn out and feed the horses.

0640 – AM Back to the house and have a quick shower and put on my usual mum uniform comfy fabletics get up. I don’t wear much make up day to day usually just a BB cream and mascara and a lip balm, hair which is naturally curly goes up in a messy bun. I also go in the wardrobes ( which I have to lock or they all help themselves ! ) and select everyones clothes for the day ( apart from Macie who wont be dressed by me now ) .

0700 AM – I start making breakfast for them all usually on the weekend I make them all a cooked breakfast sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and beans. I then hang out the first load of washing and put another on.

0730 AM – My husband appears showered and dressed with Rennie who he has also showered. The rest of the children are up and eating their breakfasts apart from Mallie who wants me to make her pancakes –  which starts Elliott and Vince wanting them as well so they end up eating a cooked breakfast plus pancakes. I have a slice of toast but want pancakes and sausages, but I’m trying to be good. Macie goes to see and feed the cats.

0800 AM – Savanah loads the dishwasher and Sienna cleans the work tops and the table. Macie helps me shower and dress the little ones, I use my ensuite wet room and do a one in one out operation I wash them and brush their teeth Macie then helps them get dry and dressed. I then  change the dogs waters and food.

845 AM – Macie Sienna and Savanah have a shower and get dressed I bath Victor and give him another bottle.

9 AM – The children all get their shoes on and go outside with Macie keeping an eye on them (which means playing on her iPad  looking up from time to time) they play on the trampoline the dogs are always close by watching them as are my husband and I , while I hoover and bleach the floors in every room while my husband strips all the beds ( Saturday and Wednesday are bed change days ) I then clean the toilets and ensuites and Sienna cleans the main bathroom ( she didn’t do much was reading a Cathy Cassidy book while holding a flannel when I went in there lol helpful as ever )

1000 AM – I make all the beds ( I have a few sets of bedding use one wash one ) another coffee and make some juice for all the children. Then change the baby who is now in his activity chair. I wash and put 11 potatoes in the oven. More coffee !! and more washing also !

1120 AM – Food shopping – We all put away the home shopping from Waitrose, we shop twice a week and get most of our meat from a farm shop local to us. Macie then helps me change the water in the flower vases in the house. My husband feeds Victor while Rennie plays with his cars and trains ( code for throwing them around the room ).

1200 PM – break up a fight between the boys and refuse to let Sienna dye her hair blonde, Sienna calls me a stupid old idiot arse and says she’s leaving home, I tell her off and she has to stand in the corner and loses 15 minutes bedtime.

1230PM – I feed the horses again and check the dogs water bowls then make everyone their jacket potatoes with a tuna salad ( apart from macie who announces she no longer wants to eat tuna ) she has cheese. We sit outside all quite peaceful but soon ruined by Reeva who announces she hates tuna and throws it on the patio and starts screaming for a ham sandwich or toast.I make her a ham sandwich after making her apologise for throwing food because in honesty I’ve been up seven hours and I’m losing the will to live lol. I clean the toilets again ( ten under twelve I’m constantly cleaning the toilets and dettol spraying all the handles and surfaces.

1315 PM – Macie feeds victor while my husband loads the dishwasher and I make meatballs out of steak mince that I got from the farm shop the day before. I leave them in the fridge ready for supper, I already have a meatball sauce in the fridge which I by some miracle remembered to get out of the freezer from a batch I saved last week. Rennie has a nap.

1400 PM – I spend ten minutes catching my children’s naughty shetland pony  who in the end had to be captured by moving the electric fencing and carrots as bait. I vow never to turn him out with out a head collar again and call him a few names which make the children laugh and the pony spook and me nearly losing him again.

1425 PM – Lead the children around our fields and gardens in turn while trying to avoid the little fat bastards teeth. ( he’s more mothers nightmare then mothers dream complete little knobhead he is lazy and grumpy – the kids love him though ) kids then have a snack and drink.

1445PM- Rennie is awake so change him and give him juice and fruit, which he throws on the floor. FFS

1500 PM – Macie goes to her friends I put on yet another load of washing – My husband and I watch the dogs and children play in our field . I read the newspapers.

1600 PM – I tell the boys off for throwing small parts of actual house bricks they have found god knows where in the pond, they ignore me and carry on launching them so I send them in and make them tidy the boot and shoe rack in the porch as punishment.

1630 PM – I start dinner while the children all watch a film in our day room which is open plan to our kitchen. Mallie throws a wobbly because I wont let her have a packet of jaffa cakes before dinner she calls me a willy head bum hole- thats her favourite current put down.  My husband makes sure none of them fall asleep this is prime time for the dreaded danger nap.

1800 PM – Macie comes home we all eat supper pasta and meat balls with ciabatta and balsamic / olive oil – Elliott complains as there is no garlic bread and refuses to eat the bread, so Vince eats Elliotts unwanted bread, then Elliott cries because he then decides he did want the bread after all .

1830 PM – My husband does the dishwasher and Savanah hoovers the kitchen and day room while Macie and I do the shower process again and get them in bed clothes. Sienna does f all as per normal. ( so lazy lol )

1930 PM – I bleach the kitchen floor while my husband makes them all drinks which they have with a cherry bakewell and an mandarin segment pot before bed. Dogs and cats fed again !

1945 PM – bedtime ( thank god ! )  for Rennie Reeva Mallie Vince Elliott and Zeta – they all get in bed and watch a film. I have to put Reeva back to bed about ten times and separate Mallie and Zeta from fighting over a my little pony bag. The older three girls have baths getting lush bath bombs everywhere, they then have an hour in our evening living room watching tv and on iPads Sienna goes to bed 15 minutes before because she called me a old arse earlier that day. I  get Victor washed and to sleep, while my husband checks the electric fencing on our paddock and as its lovely mild evening so I pop a light rug on the horses and leave them out with their haylage and last feed.

2100 PM –  I finally Shower and have a glass of wine my husband eats his body weight in snacks while I try not to do them same, we watch some tv, sometimes we play back gammon the dogs are always around so its a battle for a space on the sofa apart from bill who’s usually on Mallies bed.

2245 PM adult bed I read for a while my husband watches the news then sleep – until Victor wakes up Its always me who is on night duty – my husband has selective hearing and nothing gets in the way of his eight hours he’s is what mallie would call a “willy head bum hole” where night feeds are concerned! but he does do the bins and the dog poo so I can’t really moan.

There you have it ! a day in the mad house xx 

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